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Frequently Asked Questions

This vaccine is given every 6months to maintain a high level of immunity for dogs that are frequently in a social setting.

It is a vaccine that helps prevent kennel cough which is a highly contagious communicable disease.

Kennel cough is not dissimilar to a chest cold in humans. It is a respiratory infection that can occur if your dog(s) immune system is compromised either due to health issues or even stress

YES. Because of a combination of factors there is no one vaccine that can protect your dog from different viruses, bacterial infections and immune-compromising factors

Yes so long as they have had a meet and greet and play well with others

Yes, we offer one on one private play time with our staff which is just as long as traditional daycare. You can also sign them up for walks.

Only if your dog uses a special feeder such as a snuffle mat or slow feeder otherwise we provide every dog with a bowl for water and food

We bring your dog out 4 times a day. We can also adjust the frequency if your dog is on medication and needs to go more often

No, we give each cat some individual time to roam our cat suite under the supervision of a staff member

No we love on your pet throughout the day at no extra charge because we care about your pets happiness and well being during their stay with us

Vaccination Requirements

Legally, we can no longer contact your vet requesting any medical information, including vaccinations, without your prior written consent.

For adult dogs, please submit vaccinations to include: Rabies, DAPPv and Bordetella. We require the Bordetella every 6 months for boarding/daycare. Bordetella Vaccinations must be administered AT LEAST 14 days prior to the boarding reservation start date. Bordetella Vaccinations must be administered AT LEAST 72 hours prior to doggie daycare drop off.

Puppies are required to have 3 rounds of puppy DHPP vaccinations before they can board at our facility.

For your felines please submit vaccinations to include: FeLV, FVRCP and Rabies and proof of negative FIV test.