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Dog Training

Evaluation & Foundation Sessions
These sessions take place before beginning training to set your dog up for success! The Evaluation occurs before regular training sessions, and the Foundation and Safety Protocol Session precedes the Evaluation if your dog's behavior classification is Behavior Solutions or Behavior Transformation.
Board & Train Bundles
Boarding bundles include a kennel stay with tailored daily training as well as private sessions with premier owner coaching during or after your dog's stay. We will ensure you and your dog are prepared and empowered with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to meet your unique training goals.
Private Training Sessions
Private tailored sessions are uniquely designed based on your dog's needs and your goals. You can select your own training goals from our popular material or your own requests and we will help you make them a reality with lessons tailored to your dog's learning style, pace, and current skill level.
  • An Evaluation session is required before all private sessions or board and train stays.
  • Your dog’s behavior classification is determined by the trainer, Sarah Singler, based on the Pre-Evaluation form and discussion before beginning training. A Foundation and Safety Protocol session is required before the Evaluation for dogs classified as Behavior Solutions or Behavior Transformation classifications. Private Sessions and Board and Train Bundles are all tailored to each dog and pet parent’s needs to help you and your dog meet your goals and reach your dog’s potential beyond any preset curriculum.
  • Travel fees are charged based on mileage for in-home training sessions over 8 miles away from The Dog House Rockwall ($1.75 per mile over initial 8 miles one way).

How to Get Started:

Dog Training by Sara Singler of Wholehearted Canine

We're excited to get started on training with you and your dog! To begin, please use the green buttons below to fill out a Pre-Evaluation form for each dog, create an account on PetExec, and contact us with any questions about training or setting up your dog's account!

Please fill out the Pre-Evaluation Form to begin!
Pre-Eval Form
Please create a PetExec account to manage your dog's training services and schedule training! If you need assistance please call us. You will need to upload a copy of your dog's current vaccination records and sign the Pet Parent Agreement to begin training.
Create PetExec Account
Free 15-minute consultations are available to discuss training with Sarah Singler before scheduling.
Schedule Consultation

How to Schedule Training

We can assist you in scheduling training over the phone or you can contact us via text message or email  to chat about training options and availability and secure a training session appointment. Please ensure you have done the following to prepare to schedule a session and reach out if you need any assistance:

  • Create a PetExec account
  • Sign the Pet Parent Agreement
  • Upload a copy of your dog's vaccinations
  • Fill out a Pre-Evaluation Form

Have More Questions?

We would love to help answer your questions and help you get your dog or puppy started on training! If you aren't ready to schedule a session but would like to learn more about training, please use the button below to provide contact info and a message so we can reach out to help! We offer free 15 minute consultations by phone or in-person to discuss how we can help you and your dog meet your training goals. Happy Training!

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Positive Training Methods and Philosophy

Sarah has over 5 years of experience as a professional trainer using positive, science-based training games and assent focused training exercises. All training is based on current science of canine behavior and learning, and is accomplished through humane, punishment-free methods. It is her passion to help dogs and humans live in harmony together by teaching dogs key skills and teaching pet parents how to inspire great choices from their dogs with reliable and lasting results. Sarah’s training style is different from typical puppy or obedience classes in that she teaches dogs value in overarching concepts, default behaviors, and coping skills that help them succeed independently instead of just teaching cued behaviors. Those skills are what help a dog to work through challenges and truly change behavior consistently.

She makes training fun and efficient for dogs and owners, not only resolving behavior issues but training the whole dog for future success. Dogs learn best through play and positive conditioning, and Sarah loves helping dogs reach their full potential! Fearful, reactive, or mischievous dogs often need special guidance to truly enjoy life and reach that potential. Sarah inspires and teaches dogs through training games and creative solutions to alleviate fears and end behavior issues. Sarah does not use aversives and instead focuses on positivity, shaping, re-conditioning, and empowering a dog to make good choices. She uses positive reinforcement and training games to teach key concepts through play, such as impulse control, calmness and focus. Teaching these concepts helps dogs make great choices independently in new situations, rather than just training cued behaviors. She believes that every dog deserves a chance and is dedicated to helping you and your companion. There are no bad dogs, only untapped potential!

Brianna Mitchell, aka Bam, Certified Canine Specialist

Brianna started at The Dog House in Q4 2021. This allowed her to develop her canine knowledge and skillset to properly handle and read dog behavior of a large variety of breeds. This relationship led Bam to explore her desire to pursue formal education and training to become a certified canine specialist. With multiple years of canine handling experience, Bam was accepted to the Starmark Academy in Austin, Texas to become a certified dog handler.

While attending Starmark Academy Bam was assigned two shelter pups to work with for the duration of the training program. This is where Bam met her “heart dog,” Appa, who is a young, beautifully mixed mutt with a lot of love to give. Through training, Bam instructed Appa to a CGC title and a novice trick title. Appa went from pulling on the leash, jumping on people, excitingly nipping, and overstimulated, to a very well-mannered and focused pup.

Bam also has a chihuahua mix named Maya who inspired her to hone her skills. While in school she was able to use her new training skills to address Maya’s social anxiety behavior and retrain basic commands with consistency. As of December 16th, 2022 BAM is a Certified Canine Training and Behavioral Specialist. Her mission is to create constructive communication skills and a positive relationship between pet owners and their hounds.